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Best Whiskeys from Tennessee

Jean Barnes
When you think of Tennessee, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Country music, perhaps? But if you’re like some people, you would probably be thinking of whiskey. This distilled alcoholic beverage known and loved by many has been closely associated with this great state for a long time already. Along with the Tennessee whiskey, the state is also known for its bourbon. It is a type of whiskey produced from 51 percent of corn and is the most popular style of whiskey in the United States. Whereas, the Tennessee whiskey goes through a charcoal filtering called the Lincoln County Process before being aged in barrels. This is what known brands such as Jack Daniels are known for. Want to read and learn more about the growing industry of whiskey in Tennessee? Here are the top 4 whiskeys distilled explicitly in Tennessee. famous whiskeys in Tennessee I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, but have you ever wondered what makes this so famous? It is because of the charcoal filtering mentioned a while ago. In that process, every drop of the product is filtered through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal to have its smooth texture and then matured in Jack Daniel’s self-handcrafted barrels. However, what truly makes this drink unique is they are not bottled on a random choice, there are master distillers that judge if its aroma and the balance of sweet and oaky flavors are perfect for the public consumption. smooth taste whiskey Tennessee Second on the list is the staple among drinkers of Tennessee whiskey, which is distilled by George Dickel & Co., one of the top 2 distillers in the world. Their drink is crafted in ten different barrels, which are all hand-selected by Master Distiller John Lunn. The charcoal mellowing and the unique aging process for 10-12 years results in the whiskey that has a sublime velvet mouthfeel with tastes of vanilla and spice that lingers after it fills your belly. Bourbon Tennessee whiskey This third drink on our list was started by Benjamin Prichard and is produced through Civil War-era techniques such as the use of white corns with a little amount of malted barley and rye. Followed after its distillation, the spirit is barreled for ten years. Now, what makes this whiskey so unique? It is exempted from the traditional Lincoln County Process used by most distillers because of a special exemption under a Tennessee legislation enacted in 2013. So, it tastes way different than others, but once tasted, it is distinctive and delicious in its own ways – such as tasting bold flavors, aromas of oak, ginger, and dried fruit. Premium Tennessee whiskey Last on our list but not the least whiskey in Tennessee is Nathan “Nearest” Green’s drink. Did you know that this actually reportedly dates back two centuries ago and its distilling techniques served as a basis to perfect the Lincoln County Process used by many? Well, either if it is accurate or just a mere legend, this drink captivates drinkers in its own ways, too. Also, this liquor has no specific age statement. Still, everything is made from locally-sourced ingredients, handcrafted from start to finish, barreled at roughly 110 proof, and bottled just at the right moment for its ideal flavor and color. This drink offers you a scent of toasted grain and vanilla bean with hints of maple syrup and wood ash. For its taste, there is a smooth and exciting peppery heat that finishes with a lingering taste of sweetness and wood.