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Living in Tennessee

Jean Barnes
When you think of moving to another place, it can be overwhelming because your options are a long list, and they are endless. But have you heard of Tennessee or the Volunteer State? It’s a great place to live in for different kinds of people. If you’ve been thinking about this state and need more reasons on why you should move, I’m glad to say that you’re in the right place. From second-hand experiences of people from the Internet and travel agents, here are the best reasons for moving to Tennessee.
  1. High Job Market
If you already got a job as you enter the state, that’s great for you. But, if you’re still looking, it’s still not something to worry about. Did you know that Tennessee holds one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates? It’s only at 3.4%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to, the fastest-growing fields in the state are the following: physical therapist, tax preparer, home health aide, nurse practitioner, and marketer. There is plenty of room for growth, especially in the medical field, but still, there are several opportunities for you, whatever it is that you want to do. But what about the cost of living? Would your money be enough?
  1. Affordable Cost of Living
Worrying on how much it costs to live there? Nothing to worry about since Tennessee was ranked second-least expensive state to live in 2014 by But if you want to live in the more rural areas like Nashville, it can get costly. Although there are quite a few choices other than Nashville that are even more affordable and mind you, Tennesseans don’t pay state income tax, and they have low property taxes. One is Chattanooga, a small but thriving city. It is an area surrounded by mountains, perfect for you if you prefer this kind of living.
Another one is Memphis, not as expensive as living in Nashville, as well, but if your soul craves the scene of music, great eats, and best sights, Memphis is definitely for you! And for the next part, the best thing that makes up the state – its people!
  1. Warm Welcome of Locals
One of the things you must consider when moving is the neighborhood you’ll be living in, and Tennessee offers its best for you from its nice and friendly Tennesseans. I mean, one factor that we like living in the place we live in is the people around us, right? Also, according to different websites such as and, here are a few of what Tennesseans are like. Others have said that the locals are kind, helpful, and very welcoming. One even said that you “won’t find friendlier people anywhere in the country.” So you might ask, how does the state handle the people and show their care for them?
  1. Good Health Care
With a state that gives so much importance in medical fields, your life in Tennessee will be guaranteed to be in good hands since the state has a strong network of hospitals and health care facilities – which is more than you could ask for. The capital city, Nashville alone, has more than 400 health-care businesses such as LifePoint Health, St. Thomas Health, and the region’s top research hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical. These are only the top few reasons why Tennessee is such a great state, but what is it that you could ask more? Tennessee might be just your new home.