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Reasons to Go to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

Jean Barnes
One thing you should know about the great state of Tennessee is its very scenic and natural attractions. More so, if you focus on its rural side, there’s so much to see and experience—especially the fresh air, peaceful views, and clean water. Like any other locals, Tennesseans take pride in the Great Smoky Mountains, and they think that it’s a must-visit for you. Here are the reasons why you should go out and walk on those mountains already.
  1. To Go Hiking
Great Smoky Mountains If you’re in for some exercise and excellent views, it’s good to hike on the Great Smoky Mountains. There are literally around 150 official hiking trails, and you’ve got a lot of choices in your hands. You can even hike during any season you like. Also, if you spot the sign “Quiet Walks” and want to go on a river, following these signs would lead you to peaceful short walks. That will bring us to reason number two. 2. Enjoying in a Creek creek smoky mountains tennessee Would you like to rest for a while and play skipping stones, maybe? Or just put your feet in the fresh running streams? There are rivers without high current at all and is safe for wading through your feet or submerging yourself into. But, in doing so, you must always take caution. Also, fishing is allowed if you would like to do this activity. It is permitted to do so around the park, but you must have a Tennessee or North Carolina fishing permit. Oh, did you notice me mention another state, North Carolina? That’s for reason number three. 3. To Be in Two Places at Once! Newfound Gap Road Smoky Mountains This is not a bluff at all, are you like Jamie from A Walk to Remember who wants to be in two places at the same time? If so, a hike to the Great Smoky Mountains offers you that. After arriving at the Newfound Gap parking area, there lies the Tennessee/North Carolina State line. So what else has the Great Smoky Mountains for you? Let’s head to reason number four. 4. Sight the Famous Waterfalls Tennessee smoky mountains hiking trail The locals and those who have been to the Great Smoky Mountains would tell you that seeing the waterfalls should be something you won’t miss. Even NPS stated that annually, 200,000 visitors hike the well-worn trails to go and see the rushing water of Grotto, Laurel, Abrams, Rainbow, and other known waterfalls in the park. Yes, these waterfalls are incredible, but even the smaller ones that cascade down the rivers and streams. After enjoying so much of the park, you might be worrying that it’s getting late, but I’m glad to say that you should not be thinking so much about it because here’s reason number five. 5. You Can Go Camping There could be a lot of people visiting the park every year although there are several campsites throughout the park, as well. But, just to be sure, it’s best to reserve your campsite so that there won’t be much hassle when you arrive. After setting up your tents, you would then be free to enjoy the night with stargazing or having a good talk with whoever you’re with. Hey, the list doesn’t end here. We still have the last reason.
6. It’s Free! If you think something free must “not be good,” it’s different when it comes to the Great Smoky Mountains. This is one of the reasons why there are so many visitors per year, and it’s very accessible from so many places. And with such no price, you get to enjoy the unbelievably beautiful views. What we must just take note, though, is we are responsible for caring for the environment. Let’s learn to “clean as we go” and leave no camping trail.