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Best Whiskeys from Tennessee

Jean Barnes
When you think of Tennessee, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Country music, perhaps? But if you’re like some people, you would probably be thinking of whiskey. This distilled alcoholic beverage known and loved by many has been closely associated with this great state for a long time already. Along with the Tennessee whiskey, the state is also known for its bourbon. It is a type of whiskey produced from 51 percent of corn and is the most popular style of whiskey in the United States. Whereas, the Tennessee whiskey goes through a charcoal filtering called the Lincoln County Process before being aged in barrels. This is what known brands such as Jack Daniels are known for. Want to read and learn more about the growing industry of whiskey in Tennessee? Here are the top 4 whiskeys distilled explicitly in Tennessee. famous whiskeys in Tennessee I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, but have you ever wondered what makes this so famous? It is because of the charcoal filtering mentioned a while ago. In that process, every drop of the product is filtered through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal to have its smooth texture and then matured in Jack Daniel’s self-handcrafted barrels. However, what truly makes this drink unique is they are not bottled on a random choice, there are master distillers that judge if its aroma and the balance of sweet and oaky flavors are perfect for the public consumption. smooth taste whiskey Tennessee Second on the list is the staple among drinkers of Tennessee whiskey, which is distilled by George Dickel & Co., one of the top 2 distillers in the world. Their drink is crafted in ten different barrels, which are all hand-selected by Master Distiller John Lunn. The charcoal mellowing and the unique aging process for 10-12 years results in the whiskey that has a sublime velvet mouthfeel with tastes of vanilla and spice that lingers after it fills your belly. Bourbon Tennessee whiskey This third drink on our list was started by Benjamin Prichard and is produced through Civil War-era techniques such as the use of white corns with a little amount of malted barley and rye. Followed after its distillation, the spirit is barreled for ten years. Now, what makes this whiskey so unique? It is exempted from the traditional Lincoln County Process used by most distillers because of a special exemption under a Tennessee legislation enacted in 2013. So, it tastes way different than others, but once tasted, it is distinctive and delicious in its own ways – such as tasting bold flavors, aromas of oak, ginger, and dried fruit. Premium Tennessee whiskey Last on our list but not the least whiskey in Tennessee is Nathan “Nearest” Green’s drink. Did you know that this actually reportedly dates back two centuries ago and its distilling techniques served as a basis to perfect the Lincoln County Process used by many? Well, either if it is accurate or just a mere legend, this drink captivates drinkers in its own ways, too. Also, this liquor has no specific age statement. Still, everything is made from locally-sourced ingredients, handcrafted from start to finish, barreled at roughly 110 proof, and bottled just at the right moment for its ideal flavor and color. This drink offers you a scent of toasted grain and vanilla bean with hints of maple syrup and wood ash. For its taste, there is a smooth and exciting peppery heat that finishes with a lingering taste of sweetness and wood.

Reasons to Go to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

Jean Barnes
One thing you should know about the great state of Tennessee is its very scenic and natural attractions. More so, if you focus on its rural side, there’s so much to see and experience—especially the fresh air, peaceful views, and clean water. Like any other locals, Tennesseans take pride in the Great Smoky Mountains, and they think that it’s a must-visit for you. Here are the reasons why you should go out and walk on those mountains already.
  1. To Go Hiking
Great Smoky Mountains If you’re in for some exercise and excellent views, it’s good to hike on the Great Smoky Mountains. There are literally around 150 official hiking trails, and you’ve got a lot of choices in your hands. You can even hike during any season you like. Also, if you spot the sign “Quiet Walks” and want to go on a river, following these signs would lead you to peaceful short walks. That will bring us to reason number two. 2. Enjoying in a Creek creek smoky mountains tennessee Would you like to rest for a while and play skipping stones, maybe? Or just put your feet in the fresh running streams? There are rivers without high current at all and is safe for wading through your feet or submerging yourself into. But, in doing so, you must always take caution. Also, fishing is allowed if you would like to do this activity. It is permitted to do so around the park, but you must have a Tennessee or North Carolina fishing permit. Oh, did you notice me mention another state, North Carolina? That’s for reason number three. 3. To Be in Two Places at Once! Newfound Gap Road Smoky Mountains This is not a bluff at all, are you like Jamie from A Walk to Remember who wants to be in two places at the same time? If so, a hike to the Great Smoky Mountains offers you that. After arriving at the Newfound Gap parking area, there lies the Tennessee/North Carolina State line. So what else has the Great Smoky Mountains for you? Let’s head to reason number four. 4. Sight the Famous Waterfalls Tennessee smoky mountains hiking trail The locals and those who have been to the Great Smoky Mountains would tell you that seeing the waterfalls should be something you won’t miss. Even NPS stated that annually, 200,000 visitors hike the well-worn trails to go and see the rushing water of Grotto, Laurel, Abrams, Rainbow, and other known waterfalls in the park. Yes, these waterfalls are incredible, but even the smaller ones that cascade down the rivers and streams. After enjoying so much of the park, you might be worrying that it’s getting late, but I’m glad to say that you should not be thinking so much about it because here’s reason number five. 5. You Can Go Camping There could be a lot of people visiting the park every year although there are several campsites throughout the park, as well. But, just to be sure, it’s best to reserve your campsite so that there won’t be much hassle when you arrive. After setting up your tents, you would then be free to enjoy the night with stargazing or having a good talk with whoever you’re with. Hey, the list doesn’t end here. We still have the last reason.
6. It’s Free! If you think something free must “not be good,” it’s different when it comes to the Great Smoky Mountains. This is one of the reasons why there are so many visitors per year, and it’s very accessible from so many places. And with such no price, you get to enjoy the unbelievably beautiful views. What we must just take note, though, is we are responsible for caring for the environment. Let’s learn to “clean as we go” and leave no camping trail.

Living in Tennessee

Jean Barnes
When you think of moving to another place, it can be overwhelming because your options are a long list, and they are endless. But have you heard of Tennessee or the Volunteer State? It’s a great place to live in for different kinds of people. If you’ve been thinking about this state and need more reasons on why you should move, I’m glad to say that you’re in the right place. From second-hand experiences of people from the Internet and travel agents, here are the best reasons for moving to Tennessee.
  1. High Job Market
If you already got a job as you enter the state, that’s great for you. But, if you’re still looking, it’s still not something to worry about. Did you know that Tennessee holds one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates? It’s only at 3.4%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to, the fastest-growing fields in the state are the following: physical therapist, tax preparer, home health aide, nurse practitioner, and marketer. There is plenty of room for growth, especially in the medical field, but still, there are several opportunities for you, whatever it is that you want to do. But what about the cost of living? Would your money be enough?
  1. Affordable Cost of Living
Worrying on how much it costs to live there? Nothing to worry about since Tennessee was ranked second-least expensive state to live in 2014 by But if you want to live in the more rural areas like Nashville, it can get costly. Although there are quite a few choices other than Nashville that are even more affordable and mind you, Tennesseans don’t pay state income tax, and they have low property taxes. One is Chattanooga, a small but thriving city. It is an area surrounded by mountains, perfect for you if you prefer this kind of living.
Another one is Memphis, not as expensive as living in Nashville, as well, but if your soul craves the scene of music, great eats, and best sights, Memphis is definitely for you! And for the next part, the best thing that makes up the state – its people!
  1. Warm Welcome of Locals
One of the things you must consider when moving is the neighborhood you’ll be living in, and Tennessee offers its best for you from its nice and friendly Tennesseans. I mean, one factor that we like living in the place we live in is the people around us, right? Also, according to different websites such as and, here are a few of what Tennesseans are like. Others have said that the locals are kind, helpful, and very welcoming. One even said that you “won’t find friendlier people anywhere in the country.” So you might ask, how does the state handle the people and show their care for them?
  1. Good Health Care
With a state that gives so much importance in medical fields, your life in Tennessee will be guaranteed to be in good hands since the state has a strong network of hospitals and health care facilities – which is more than you could ask for. The capital city, Nashville alone, has more than 400 health-care businesses such as LifePoint Health, St. Thomas Health, and the region’s top research hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical. These are only the top few reasons why Tennessee is such a great state, but what is it that you could ask more? Tennessee might be just your new home.

Where to Go and What to Do in Tennessee

Jean Barnes
Tennessee is a state that offers countless activities of all tastes. You can either visit museums or historical sites, see different attractions or attend events. The state has quite the number of cities that welcome everyone, as they say, it there, “Tennessee, America at its best!” Looking for more reasons on why you should fly to Tennessee already? Here are the three top cities from Tennessee and activities you can do there. Nashville Nashville Tennessee travel guide It is not only the capital of the state, but it is also known as the famous birthplace of the country music we enjoy today. Together in this city are different musical and artsy cultural attractions. Also, people have said that it’s a city filled with fun and soul.
  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
If you’re a fan of country music or you simply just want to learn its history and famous artists, a visit to this museum is a must-do. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tennessee.
  • Broadway
If you like walking on the streets, enjoying the lights with cool music blasting around, Broadway is perfect for you. You can chill in a bar, drink some bourbon and just enjoy people-watching. You can also choose to take a horse or cart ride or maybe go shopping for a pair of boots!
  • Grand Ole Opry Show
If you want to discover new musicians and artists, Grand Ole Opry is the place where you must be. A night out to see one of their shows means to fully experience Nashville and feel the pure soul of the city. Knoxville guide to Knoxville Tennessee If you like going outdoors more, experiencing new food and drinks, and having some vibe with the locals, this city should be on your list, too. It is more than just a “college football” town, but the streets are packed with a youthful feel to it.
  • Knoxville Farmers Market
Who doesn’t love a local market with fresh produce of the vegetables and fruits they want? This farmers market only offers products locally grown by Eastern Tennessee people.
  • BrewFest
If you’re an enthusiast when it comes to beer and brewery, you should not miss this annual festival. Those who love beer gather all over for a summer of sampling fresh beers of all colors, tastes, and styles.
  • Iljams Nature Center
If you want to go out of downtown and enjoy some nature, Iljams Nature Center is the place for you. There are trails, different rock formations, lakes and stunning outlooks that will surely give you peace of mind.
  • Hunt for the Best Coffee
If you’re one of the many people who love to have a good cup of coffee, Knoxville won’t let you down with its variety of local coffee shops. You can chase Brynn Coffee Co., a food truck and also, they roast their own beans. But if you don’t want to go hunting, one of the best is also Pearl on Union just downtown. Memphis Graceland Memphis TN Last but most certainly not the least, the city of Memphis – where you can chase more of music and blues.
  • Graceland
You simply can’t be in Memphis and not tour around Graceland. The most famous house of history in rock n’ roll, which is Elvis Presley’s home is located here. If you would love a journey through his life, come and visit Graceland!
  • Memphis BBQ
One thing you must not miss is to eat and enjoy Memphis’ BBQ. One of the most famous is the Marlowes Ribs & Restaurant wherein entering feels like a museum of Memphis and rock n’ roll.
  • Beale Street
Want to go for live music in the most fun place in Tennessee? If yes, you must not fail to visit Beale Street. It is a three-block area full of restaurants and bars with nothing but tunes of delta blues, jazz, rock n’ roll, and R&B. So what are you waiting for? Pack those bags, book those tickets and fly yourself to Tennessee where there’s so much to see.

Uncovering the Past of Tennessee

Jean Barnes
The United States consists of 50 different states, and there’s only a bit of information that we know of each. Right now, we are going to explore how Tennessee became the state that it is today. Have you ever heard of Nashville City? Or Memphis? These are two of the largest cities in Tennessee. But how did everything start? Together, let’s take a look at Tennessee’s history. Native Americans native Americans TennesseeWith a geographically diverse state, residents have come to agree to divide the state into three divisions; East, Middle, and West Tennessee. Moreover, the first people to have lived in Tennessee is the Native American heritage, mainly from the Cherokee and Chickasaw tribes. Inhabiting the east land were the Cherokees wherein they built permanent houses while the Chickasaw lived on the western part and moved more often. But, it wasn’t long when Europeans visited. Arrival of Europeans Spanish explorer and conquistador Tennessee history In 1540, a Spanish explorer named Hernando de Soto visited the said state and claimed the land for Spain, but it was not until 100 years later that Europeans began to move to the area. Also, it resulted in certain tribes moving in distinct regions of Tennessee. In 1673, Europeans were continuing to explore the region. It was also at this time that English merchants such as James Needham and Gabriel Arthur crossed the Appalachian mountain to trade with the Cherokee. Similarly, Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolet, both French traders, came down to the Mississippi River. Due to these, the English and French made arguments and then claimed the land of Tennessee. In 1714, M. Charleville built the Fort Lick, which is a small fort in Tennessee. It was where he traded furs with the local Indian tribes for a long time running. This area is what we all know as Nashville. Naming of Tennessee Tennessee history  It was the year of 1750, James Glen, the Governor of South Carolina, was believed to be the first person to use the word Tennessee with the right spelling. Also, it was thought that Andrew Jackson was the one who suggested the name when it joined the Union. However, the public records state that it was Daniel Smith, secretary of the old Southwest Territory, who proposed the first draft for the formation of the new state, which he called “the name of the New State of Tennessee.” Becoming One of the States Tennessee map in the united states In the year 1784, right after the Revolutionary War ended, Eastern Tennessee became the State of Franklin. Although, this only lasted until 1788 when the region was sending representatives to the North Carolina legislature. Tennessee became a United States territory in 1789. Then, Congress made it the 16th state of the union in 1796. Furthermore, senators of the state were named Blount and William Cocke, and the representative was Andrew Jackson. Civil Wars Tennessee Confederate Flag Tennessee chose to withdraw its union formally when the Civil War between the Union and Confederacy broke out.  Although eventually, in June of 1861, Tennessee became the last southern state to join the Confederacy. More so, men from Tennessee went to war on both sides, including roughly 187,000 to the Confederacy and around 51,000 to the Union. There have been quite a several major battles that were fought in Tennessee – Battle of Shiloh, the Battle of Nashville, and the Battle of Chattanooga. Right after President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson from Tennessee became the 17th president of the United States.